From the Editor regarding the lack of recaps for the back-to-back weekend of Lightning games

Believe it or not, the writing staff at Raw Charge has personal lives to attend to at times. While there are a good number of staff regulars who fill in for each other when the regulars cannot do their assignments, there are circumstances where no one can step in or step up. Friday and Saturday was an instance of this.

So much is done at Raw Charge on a voluntary basis by all associated with the site in writing, oversight and promotional capacities. Life - be it family, school, work, entertainment, health issues, or complications that must be dealt with - takes priority. It's a very rare occasion when everyone is distracted or already dealt with too many duties to be asked or expected to do more on a single day. Excessively rare.

Friday and Saturday was that ultra-rare occasion.

Apologies to anyone displaced or disappointed by not finding game recaps for the contests against the Jets or Blackhawks on the site.

-- John Fontana