Further Proof ESPN was biased against Tampa Bay all playoffs long

I bitched and I bitched and I bitched and I bitched about the porrous coverage form ESPN during the playoffs this past year. Not just porrous coverage but limp, uninformed coverage that boosted the bigger markets while they were clueless about how to handle the smaller ones....

Especially the smaller one that was a hell of a lot better than the teams they were playing against (The Isles and Habs were media darlings, and outplayed... And Keith Primeau got public oral gratification from ESPN's commetnators).

Now ESPN has gone about their egocentric ways and further showed their ineptitude with ESPNHL. There version of the NHL with all of the evidence of their idiocy being worn on their sleeve along with their anti-Tampa bias.

Anti Tampa? Why do I say this? Yeah, they contracted a few teams including the Islanders and the Capitals to go along with the Bolts... I shouldn't feel TOO bad right?

They kept a team in Miami though... A team in Miami where the arena is in the middle of the sawgrass, where the fans are far more fickle than there northwestern brethren, where the franchise was rumored to be in financial dire straights and talking to Winnipeg about relocating there.

Yeah, lets keep Miami and the fickle market of Atlanta. Lets give Las Vegas a team, contract Ottawa and bring back the Hartford Whalers!

You're full of shit, ESPN.. No wonder I don't visit your site, watch your programming or find you a credible source anymore.

Please give credit to Off Wing Opinion where the first blog reference to ESPNHL was made.