Game 3 MIA in Tampa Bay

RJ at Bolts Blog pointed out a travesty in the local media market that needs to be rectified -- STAT!

In case you haven't heard, channel 8 is preempting the game Saturday to run the All Children's Telethon. As of yet, there has been NO alternate channel named that will carry this game in the Tampa market. If you want to see this rectified, call NBC Corporate (212) 664-4444, and Channel 8 locally (813) 228-8888, and tell them to get off their behinds, and get this game on down here. To think that in an NHL market, there would be no way to watch game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals is just ridiculous.To be fair -- WFLA has been carrying that telethon for years upon years and pre-empting important things in favor of fundraising. That being said, they sure-as-shit could and should have already done something to make sure the game airs locally for hockey fans around the greater Tampa Bay metro area.

Please take RJ's advice: Call NBC corporate and WFLA and make some noise about things.

UPDATE: Lee let it be known in comments that WTTA TV 38 will be carrying the game for the hockey fans in the area.