Game 73: Columbus at Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Columbus Blue Jackets in overtime 2-1.

Let's let that sink in for a second. The Lightning. Won. In overtime. Wait - it'll come to me.

I have to say that the first two period were were sad. Columbus played like they were trying not to get injured, and the Lightning played like they didn't care. Everyone just floated along going thru the motions.

And then they woke up for the third period and decided to make a game of it. When it mattered, I guess. Would've been nice had everyone - on both teams - put in that effort for the entire game.

The Lightning had all of seven shots in the first two period. And then seven more in the third. Maybe their strategy was to lull the Blue Jackets' goaltender to sleep?

They managed to pull this one out in overtime, thanks to Martin St. Louis. Mike McKenna was great. He faced 34 total shots for the game and only let one in.

So, shots were awful. Faceoffs were okay, being even with Columbus. And the power play was great. They converted one of one - 100% on the night.