Game 76: Ottawa at Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost to the Ottawa Senators 3-0.
This game started out promising enough. The Lightning had some energy, and it looked like they picked up where they'd left off from their last game. And then, things just sort of fizzled out in the second period.
It didn't help that goals were being called off or reviewed. That interrupted the flow of the game. Especially since there were a few of them. Luckily, they were mostly on the Senators, but still.
Shots were way down in the second and third periods. Faceoffs weren't that great either. And being O-fer on the power play didn't help. Their special teams, which had been so good, aren't that great right now. And, of course, with yet another injury they used their 49th player this season.
With six games to go in this miserable season, you've got to wonder if they're just done playing. Not because they're trying to get a better position in the draft, but because they're mentally and emotionally worn out and they just want it all to be over. You can't really blame them for it, if that's the case, but you do hope for better.
You want the team to go out on a good note - a winning note. I think everyone, including the players and coaches, want that. Something that gives everyone hope for next season. And I think that we'd all like to see St. Louis and Lecavalier hit 30 goals, as well as Prospal and Stamkos hit 20, this season.The idea of them packing it in with six games left just doesn't sit well.
So dig down deep and put on a good show these last six games, boys. Pull it together, have a little fun, and remember why you're on the ice instead of sitting at a desk 9-5, Monday through Friday. Sure, missing playoffs is a drag and you might be on a different team next season, but you're still playing hockey for a living. Try to enjoy it a little bit more.