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Game Threads

Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens Preview and Game Day Thread: Can we fire another coach?

And a former Habs pick comes back with Stanley Cup rings plugging both his ears.

Tampa Bay Lightning at Philadelphia Flyers Preview and Game Day Thread: quick reset after the win

The Flyers are really bad defensively.

Tampa Bay Lightning Hype Station: Game 1

It’s time to BE! THE! THUNDER!

Draft day thread: Come talk Tampa Bay Lightning with us (and snark about other teams)

Trust the Yzerplan.

Game Thread: Sabres versus Lightning

And now, the grande finale....!

Game Thread: Lightning v-s Canadiens

Finally, this scourge of back-to-back game schedule expires. Too bad it's the second-to-last game of the season...

Game Thread: Bolts v-s Leafs

Tampa Bay is on the brink as we near the conclusion of the season. Can they keep contending? The outcome tonight will answer that question...

Game Thread: Lightning at Bruins

The weight of the game is immense, can the Lightning do the deed?

Game Thread: Lightning host Stars

The flip side of the second-to-last back-to-back games of the Bolts season. The second-to-last home game of the Bolts season.

Game Thread: Habs at Bolts

The Atlantic Division's forthcoming champion stops by the Amalie as the Bolts continue their last-ditch effort to make the 2017 NHL playoffs.

Game Thread: Detroit Red Wings vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Keep on keepin' on, Bolts.

Game Thread: Bolts host 'Hawks

Chicago looks to get back on course after a lop-sided shut out loss to the Panthers. Tampa Bay seeks to keep their playoff chances alive.

Game Thread: Bolts at Red Wings

The flip-side of back-to-back games for the Tampa Bay Lightning is their finale at Joe Louis Arena.

Game Thread: B's host Bolts

A reeling Lightning starts (another) back-to-back series. The fun starts against jockeying-for-position Boston, who has fallen behind Toronto in the standings.

Game Thread: Arizona vs. Lightning

if the Bolts lose this one, they'll be howling at the moon a lot louder than the cellar-dwelling Coyotes (and for bigger reasons).

Game Thread: Caps at Bolts

While the Lightning look to rebound after a staggering loss, the Capitals look to stop a loss-heavy collection of games (4-5-1 in last 10).

Game Thread: Leafs v-s Bolts

Potential playoff seeding is on the line, adding weight to this Atlantic Division confrontation.

Game Thread: Lightning v-s Ottawa

On the flip-side of back-to-back games (again), Ottawa vies of the Atlantic Division lead while the Bolts continue the playoff horse race.

Game Thread: Bolts at NYR

The first of (another pair of) back-to-back games starts a challenging week for the Bolts.

Game Thread: Lightning host Wild

Another top-notch team comes to Tampa. Can the Lightning stand their ground against the Minnesota Wild?

Game Thread: Rags vs. Bolts

The Rangers are part of a top-4 force of Metro Division teams. Can the Bolts stand their ground and hold the Rags off?

Lightning at Sabres Game Thread

6th place is on the line in the Atlantic Division. Not exactly the playoffs but a game with some weight...

Game Thread: Tampa Bay Lightning at Pittsburgh Penguins

We honor the return of #32.

Game Thread: Carolina Hurricanes versus Tampa Bay Lightning

In the eye of the hurricane, there is quiet.

Game Thread: Sens vs. Lightning

Welcome to One A.B.; After Bishop. Tampa Bay hosts Ottawa, who is on the flip-side of their own back-to-back series.

Game Thread: Bolts host Flames

Tampa Bay is 5-2-3 in their past 10 games. Calgary is 6-3-1. Which team one-ups the other tonight?

Game Thread: Oilers vs Lightning

A slick Edmonton team starts Tampa Bay's homestand at Amalie.

Game Thrad: Bolts vs Avs

Five thousand two hundred and eighty three feet of hockey coming your way!

Live game chat: Bolts at Jets

The flip-side of back-to-back games (again) before a pause in NHL action for a week.

Game Thread: Bolts at Wild, keep that ball rolling

Has the season finally evened out, with other teams getting tougher schedules? Yes please.

Game Thread: LA Kings come to Tampa

And can we wear our black thirds to mess with them?

Game Thread: Tampa Bay hosts Ottawa

Tonight we see if Jon Cooper's system and brittle roster can hold the line against Guy Boucher and the 1-3-1.