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Book review: Craig Custance’s Behind the Bench

From a juicy afternoon with John Tortorella to a quiet morning with Mike Babcock, this is a rare glimpse into the lives of coaches who usually play reporters far too well.

Raw Charge goes to the National Sports Collectors Convention

A look at the biggest sports collectors convention in the world.

Photo breakdown: Vasilevskiy with the no-look save

A scramble around the net has the Lightning netminder all twisted up.

Featured Fanshot

Lightning fans gather outside Honda Center

They didn't get to see a win, but they still had fun. A large contingent of Lightning fans have traveled to California to cheer on the Bolts.

Two To Tango

Trading Ben Bishop seems like a foregone conclusion. However, General Manager Steve Yzerman needs a partner to dance with.

Reddit’s place for hockey blog readers and writers

Feature write-ups and reading can get lost on /r/hockey, so the subreddit devoted to hockey writers and the reads they offer is worth participating in.

Nikita Kucherov is a Smooth Criminal

♪ You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a Smooth Criminal! ♪ Now it's time for the Lightning to acknowledge it in Amalie Arena!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Bolts!

"'You'll be The Bolts, with a tee,' said a man, in type, online. And that we was..."

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Introduce yourself to Raw Charge

It's a community thing, people. Stop by, say hi, share some dirt on who you are.

Another Deke the Deuce update

It's a media oddity at the moment.

Deke the Deuce update

The charity campaign that started in February has struggled.

We're looking for staff additions

Raw Charge can always use more contributors to daily content.

Help beat NF2, support Deke the Deuce

Started on February 10th, 2016, Deke the Deuce is an attempt to raise awareness of and fund research into the disease Neurofibromatosis Type II, an affliction that site manager John Fontana lives with.

An open letter to Jonathan Drouin

We've never met, I'm just rambling, but as a fan I wanted to address some thing in as direct a capacity as I'm capable.

Blog anniversary and the Deke the Deuce campaign

As a long time blogging voice, I turn off hockey a bit to mark the occasion.

Attention holiday shoppers...

Tis the season for a last minute promotion to guarantee custom t-shirts and apparel arrive on time.

Featured Fanshot

Where are the Lightning fans expressing themselves?

I'm not talking Raw Charge, or Lightning Shout, or Bolt Prospects -- two are part of major networks, another aspires to be of a news caliber. Are there Lightning fans out there expressing themselves in a verbose way (not just on Twitter in limited characters) and where? I'm aware of en-Lightning and Roar of Thunder but after that, there's nothing. Bolt and Jolt is a forthcoming site.

A quick review of the Bud Red Light

Getting a pricey-but-cool item just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Steven Stamkos' Summer Vacation

It's not all just fun and games, except for when it is. It is summer vacation, after all.

Featured Fanshot

The preacher invokes the puck again

The Rev. Tyler Moore's church signs brought in international attention during the Lightning's playoff run this past spring (oh, and we interviews him too. That being said, it's fitting the most common question among hockey fans in general is invoked by Moore.

Seeking "Best of the Bay" nominations

Somewhat off topic but also very relevant in that sports are part of the nomination ballot for the Best of Tampa Bay from Creative Loafing.

Cup Finals conflict cancels Garth Brooks

The country music legend and Trisha Yearwood cancel their June 6th shows due to conflcit with NBC and the overall Stanley Cup Finals game 2 on Saturday.

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Off topic: You didn't ask for this

Just explaining a GIF.

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The Tampa Bay Rays hang out with The Great One

Begin the discussion: Have the Rays one-upped the Lightning by hanging out with #99 while the Bolts lost to the Red Wings? Well, on the other hand, the Lightning were in the playoffs while the Rays are just at the start of the season and a long way from knowing they will be there. I call it a wash.

Are you a bandwagon fan? Climb aboard!

This is the time of the year when people want to climb on the bandwagon. And in spite of what you may think, in most cases, that's a good thing.

For fans out of town and out-of-town fans?

Are there congregating points for Bolts fans not in Tampa Bsay? How about friendly establishments for non-Lightning fans in Tampa Bay?

Of hockey events and Tampa Bay

There are a series of IIHF and NHL events that could and have been hosted in Tampa Bay, one that can never be hosted here, and where would you rather see a Stadium Series game held in TB?

"Vinikville" press conference and live stream

Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik and his business partners unveil their plans for property in downtown Tampa.

More on the "Vinikville" announcement

An official announcement went out Monday night regarding the unveiling of plans for property controlled (in part) by Lightning owner Jeff Vinik in downtown Tampa.

"Vinikville" isn't with the Rays in mind

It's been mused about in the media and among fans, but what's already known about Wednesday's strategic plan unveiling for the property nicknamed "Vinikville" seems to say a Channelside baseball stadium won't (and shouldn't) be in the cards.

Featured Fanshot

A Cyber Monday deal from Tampa Bay Sports

Tis the season for online shopping! The Tampa Bay Lightning's online shopping arm has a nice discount today... Head over to to take advantage of the code.

Help us name individual goal songs

A local beat reporter's suggestion leads to our challenge tot eh community: goal songs for each individual Lightning player.