Get Vac to where you once belonged

Oh my god... It happened.

Months after the rumored Vaclav-back-to-the-Bolts deal at the Trade Deadline, Vaclav Prospal has bene traded back to the Tampa Bay Lightning for all of a Second Round draft pick.

Corey Stillman, who had gone under contract through arbitration last year, was making more than Prospal was set to make (minus his signing bonus) per year... Stillman, of course, also was looking for another pay raise and was reportedly awarded a 3.9 Million dollar contract from Arbitration and Jay Feaster said "No thanks", Stillman is now an Unrestricted Free Agent.

I like this move -- heck, I love this move. I saw Stillman as the problem area in the off season -- because he'd just be making too much -- and re-acquiring Prospal fills Feaster's requirement of chemistry along with affordability.