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Getting out of hand — Vancouver fans attack Calgary fan after playoff game

This isn’t the type of story I like to see tied to playoffs at all…

You know what, guys? It’s one thing to piss on people’s colors with good natured ribbing, it’s also for the good of a country for there to be political debate – even the heated ones — over any issue for the sake of the Nation you live in…

But to come to this — to go to blows just to put down he opposition? You’re not only pissing on your own colors (in this case, showing the Vancouver Canucks in a terrible light) but you are pissing on your community, on the sport you attended as well as yourself.

There’s no room in Sports or anything else for this shit. You take the fun out of the game when you make it unsafe for people of an opposing team to attend a game in your own house. I expect this in Philadelphia, or Oakland, but not Vancouver…

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