give it up already

Roenick's sticking around after all. This after announcing his retirement -- by text message.

I don't mean to sully J.R. like I have in the title but really -- while he has another shot by signing with the Sharks during their window of opportunity that they've been in the last few seasons... It just seems like hanging-on-for-hanging-on-sake.

Can he contribute? Sure. Will he? Arguable. Should he just hang them up? Again,arguable but he's an American Don Cherry in the making -- if he wants to be. He has a media presence and could find a second career on TV... If he doesn't further compromise his head with more concussions or other hockey injuries that may make him less TV-friendly, so to speak.

Good luck, Jeremy... Though I'd rather see you save the NHL through the media than try to attain personal glory on the ice.

EDIT: 9-06-2007 David at The Ice Block has a nice take on the possible way J.R. found his way to San Jose. I'm left wondering if I should be thrilled at the marvels of technology or be disgusted by them?