Go north young man

"It's a mixed up, mumbled up, shook up world..." Ok, enough about a song about a transvestite...

The Oilers grabbed Nedved from the Rangers. Edmonton can thank Sather for that favour. The Flames aquired Chris Simon today. The Canadiens added Kovalev. The Leafs added Leetch. Bondra went to Ottawa.

What are the small market, Canadian teams doing adding players when they are supposed to be poor, and unable to compete in this market? The coming labour war makes for strange bedfellows. Who would have figured the Rangers would dump $15 million in payroll in a week? Teams with bloated payrolls are cutting, and teams with room under the expected cap are adding.

Could this be a common trend in the new CBA world? Lets hope so. Allowing markets like Calgary, Edmonton and Nashville to improve themselves is only good for the NHL. When all teams can compete for players, the league as a whole benifits.