Got motivation?

Got Porn? Well, the San Francisco 49'ers do... along with racial jokes, gay marriage jokes and other barbs that were supposed to be humorous but aren't going over well now that they've been made public.

From the sounds of it, the training video in question ooks like it would be worthy of airing on pay-cable.... If Bill Maher's "Real Time" started airing porn, or the "Chris Rock Show" re-aired featuring boobies....

Maybe Dave Chappelle -- on hiatus -- is taking notes? Hopefully not.

This is another pothole of pro-sports motivation. In recent years you've heard of amateur sports players having seedy motivational stuff thrown at them - strippers, porn, etc -- and the college ranks has had rampant corruption and cover-ups with regards to stuff like this in the past.

The 49'ers attempted joke - while I can see it for the humor it was supposed to be -- puts a damper on the once-prestegious franchise and sullies it's reputation. Once the team of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, now the team of T and A... Not exactly the direction that the fans (nor team personnel) would like the franchise to go in.