Grand Theft Referee

Leave it to the on ice officials to ruin a goalie duel by invoking a shootout rule that didn't fit the situation.

Of course, I will not get on the case of Colorado fans who see my remarks as sour grapes. Or who just see the game as a lucky or solid win... But personally? I look at how this game ended and realize it's one of the only shootout era games that ended without a goal scored to decide the victor.

Oh, technically a winner was decided by the referees... Which gives me new appreciation for those who prefer the "just let'em play" type of officiating: Refs should not decide games. Especially in the fashion of last night. (Edit: Counterargument- Refs DIDN'T decide the game, Martin St. Louis not scoring decided the game. Counter-counter argument? Hejduk didn't score either.)

For a better, more in depth review of the game, head over to and read Cassie's postmortem.