Greeting the Lightning upon arrival in Tampa

Kind of last-minute here, as the team's return flight to Tampa is scheduled to land early this afternoon, but there was a press release sent out yesterday specifically to encourage fans to turn out at Tampa International Airport* to greet the team upon arrival:

The Tampa Bay Lightning are calling all hockey fans throughout the Bay Area to welcome back the team at the Tampa International Jet Center as it returns home to Tampa on Tuesday at 2 p.m. The jet center is located at 4751 Jim Walter Blvd. in Tampa.

Fans are encouraged to show up in Lightning gear and are also welcome to bring flags, signs, banners and other items showing support for the team. Joining fans on site at the Jet Center will be Thunderbug.

The Bolts have been saluting their fans at center ice after games all season, it's fitting that we take the opportunity to return the favor.

For those unaware of its location, the Jet Center is located directly behind International Plaza in Tampa, not somewhere directly connected to the main terminal at Tampa International Airport.

[Note by John Fontana, 05/24/11 1:02 PM EDT ]  From Mike Corcoran on Twitter:

Those of you that are heading out to welcome the team back, the plane is now scheduled to land at about 2:15.