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Gretzky for Commish now?

From TSN.ca – NHL – Canada’s Sports Leader… Another mouth off from Chris “Assclown” Chelios…

Would Wayne Gretzky accept a job as Commissioner of the NHL?

‘You know, I doubt it. I don’t know. Being an owner, it’s tough now. He’s the one guy that everybody should listen to. He’s been the best ambassador for any sport and I think the guys should listen to him. I hope (Bettman) is getting together with Wayne one-on-one and talking to Wayne. Everyone respects what Wayne says. I think he’s got a great business sense, and, I think, because of his experience, his history with hockey, he outweighs Gary Bettman or Bob Goodenow by a long shot.”So you get the superstar of hockey to oversee the league. Yes, Gretzky outweighs Goodenow and Bettman but at the same time? Gretzky is more in touch with spoiled rich kids such as Chelios.

That’s one thing that Chris, in his mouthing off from yesterday, decided to skip: Teams like Detroit and New York throwing obscene amounts of money at players has hurt the game. I wonder if Chris realizees his own contracts over the years are part of the problem – I wonder if he accepts any of the blame?

To quote Mr. Assclown — “You know, I doubt it.”

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