Heatley for Hossa + more

Everyone's reporting it -- Marian Hossa has been signed by the Ottawa Senators and traded to the Atlanta Thrashers for Dany Heatley.

Ottawa was in a tight spot with Hossa expecting Thornton and Iggy money while the cap was tightening down on them. The Lecavalier contract must have sealed the deal for both his demands and his ouster from the Ottawa Senators.

There had been rumors earlier in the Hot Stove Season that Heatley wanted out of Atlanta but that's all they were -- rumors, talk and rhetoric.

On one hand, I give Ottawa a thumbs up for making the move. If and when they get Heatley inked, their roster remains just as formidable as before with a slightly younger body now joining the fray. With Atlanta - it's very dangerous for the Lightning in the Southeast now. Hossa's edition is nothing to dismiss, and Atlanta also has their Defensive liability addressed in this trade. The question is who is coming to Atlanta to bolster the blue line?

The premiere rivalry in the south is no longer the grudge-match Florida vs. Tampa Bay rivalry (as it has never been for more than bragging rights). It's Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay for the run of the Southeast division.

EDIT: Oh man, no matter if I think the Thrashers improved through this deal even marginally, they lost out big time. Dany Heatley has reportedly signed for four years and 13+ million total. Ottawa just robbed the cradle with that signing, which bucks the trend of overpaying for star caliber players... Though it does put Heatley on common footing with the Lightning's Brad Richards and Ottawa's Martin Havlat, who both had seen similar deals in there 2nd NHL contracts.