Hope for NHL Season Murky but Out there

Considering the source, I'm a tad more skeptical. Not because of the journalist reporting this but the organization he reports for. I'm a fan of Erik Erlendsson but him working for the Tampa Tribune dampens that.

But Erik's got a list that suggests the NHL is ready to re-awaken at optimum speed and has a new proposal almost hammered out.

Now, I have no clue about Erik's sources.... I have no clue if he's got someone inside the NHL or NHLPA (or perhaps Eklund at Hockey Rumors :p ) whispering these things in his ear....

But it's a slight light of optimism and hope in a rather dark and dank experience for all.
EDIT: Did Uncle Erik just scoop Canada?!?!?!? NHL and PA meeting Wednesday... No guarantee something will work out but it's impressive (in a media sense) seeing I heard nothing from the Canadian press over this (or the American press until I saw this article).