Hossa and Sens at odds over money

I report this morning about how Vincent Lecavalier might be willing to take less money to stay on long term and what do I read in the afternoon? Visiting my beloved HockeyBlogs, I see Hockey Will Tear Us Apart breaking the news that Marian Hossa wants Jerome Iginla money.

Out of context quote from Slam:

"We're at a dead point right now," said Hossa, who was scheduled to make $3.45 million last season. "We are nowhere. They offered me a three-year contract, but it wasn't good enough. It wasn't anywhere close to my comparables. If you look at my points the last two seasons, they've been close to Iginla and (Boston's Joe) Thornton..... I just want to be paid what I feel is a fair amount and I don't want to settle for less."The money offered to him was $11.5 Million over 3 years (Milan Hejduk money)... He's got how many awards under his belt? How many Eastern Conference Titles? How far has he helped lead his team in the playoffs? He certainly isn't team captain, is he considered a team leader?

You want to compare yourself to Iggy, Marian? To make financial demands like this lowers your compatibles to him ten fold.

It's stuff like this that makes me worry about Vinny and Marty even more -- especially Marty with this morning's reports negotiations are not going so well.