House Cleaning

"Today I settle all family business." -- Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), The Godfather

The shakeup of the Devil Rays - for good or for ill - is about to commence... Even there is an uneasy feeling with the possible transfer of power, it is a shakeup that is needed. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays look like they are going to gut the fish - totally.

Lou Pinella is supposed to be out, Chuck LaMar is supposed to be out (PRAISE THE LORD!!!) -- this is all part of the move that ousts Vincent J. Naimoli from the seat of managing general partner. Even the franchise name is in question right now and could be changed (and rightfully so) by Stuart Sternberg and his partners.

The team, at current, is one of the hottest in Major League Baseball (even with corrupt officiating dictating games in Boston at current). The thought of how the Rays would perform with even a minorly increased payroll and more competant decision making at the top is captivating.

But the seeds of doubt are still there because, well -- ten years of Rays baseball has been grim at best... Morbid at worst. I can't shake the feeling it's goign to get worse before better, still.