How BAD is the Tribune's coverage?

Amid the first loss in weeks by the Bolts, while the NHL pundits are still oohing and ahhing over the Lightning and while the St. Pete Times can at least find time to get quotes from Gordie Howe and Chico Resch with regards to if the Lightning have what it takes to make a run for the cup, the Tampa Tribune found itself lost in a sea of NCAA coverage and...

...can't post a single article or news brief about the Lightning in Monday's edition of the Trib.

The Tribune can whine about not wanting to cover a team that plays in an arena that is named for it's competitor. It can (and will) tell you that the Tribune needs to focus on what the readers want... But the Tribune also has a sick habit of finding preference for out-of-town news items for out-of-town sport teams.

None of them hockey teams. The Tribune continues to be run as a Good ole' Boy" southern newspaper and an example of why the NHL has trouble existing in the south: lack of coverage and presumed lack of interest.