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Humor / Satire

This is absolutely how JBB and Stamkos discussed his NMC*

A completely made up conversation between Julien BriseBois and Steven Stamkos (with guest appearances).

Some possible defenses for Zach Kassian

He’s going to be talking to the Department of Player Safety. We offer him some potential paths to go down.

A look inside the Brayden Point talks* - UPDATED!

Once again, we find a way into the inner sanctum.

A look back at some preseason NHL predictions

One of these days I’ll get something right.

John Tavares talks about meeting* with Tampa

*I mean this could have been how it all went down.

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Help Wanted: Looking for a major artist for NHL All-Star Sunday

It's weird they didn't schedule anyone for Sunday so I decided to help out.

Victor Hedman, Nordic Thunder-Hammer and Faceoff Specialist

The Thunder-Hammer strikes in the faceoff circle.

How a bad take is born: A play in one act

Justin steps imaginatively into an editorial meeting at a small southern paper.

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The magic number for the Tampa Bay Lightning

Boyle's remarks are worth a chuckle but it is quizzical just what the Lightning need, to officially make the playoffs.

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Valentines Day humor

I don't think the translation of the caption is right, but it is funny.

What's REALLY going on with Ben Bishop. Maybe.

Nobody outside of the Lightning locker room knows why Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop left Game 2 of the 2015 Stanley Cup Final. Nobody knows if he's going to start tonight or even play again this season. That's not going to stop us (me) from telling you EXACTLY what's happening (unless I'm totally wrong).

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The official close of the Raw Charge 2015 NHL Trade Deadline story stream

Thank you for coming out! Drive home safely and remember to tip your waiter before you leave... And do it generously.

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Introducing the latest addition to the Raw Charge store

The inevitable "home"coming of Dallas Eakins

Inspiration for speculating about possible personnel moves in hockey can come from literally anywhere.

Ben Bishop, Like, Totally Snubbed by TeamUSA

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible.

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The NHL Realignment We SHOULD Have

This stream has:

2012 NHL Lockout Diary

A running, sometimes off-topic, dialog on a personal level throughout the durration of teh 2012 NHL Lockout.

2012 NHL Lockout Diary: Day 3

Some irreverent humor to get you through the NHL Lockout

Who is the most hated player from each NHL team?

If you had to choose one player from each NHL team as your most hated players, who would you choose?

Andreychuk concerned about 2012 entry draft

Could Lightning GM Steve Yzerman be celebrating April Fools Day with a little window shopping?

Caption This! (3/9/12)