I don't think Torts is gonna' be happy

Endeth the Preseason with another loss, the Lightning have been shut-out by the injured Panthers 4-0...

At least this time the Lightning were able to muster more than a handful of shots -- notching 32 during the game and guess what? They were re-introduced to the brick wall known as Roberto Luongo.

Of coruse, seeing John Grahame give up 4 goals on 21 shots does not inspire confidence. Iin this game that was fortunately hidden from view on a NFL Sunday, the Lightning's formerly deadly powerplay also went 0-13.

Andy Rogers was scratched while Timo Hebling started.

Yeah, yeah... I know, it's pre-season...

Or At least it was... Past tense. Post-humanous and all that jazz. From here on in, they count.