I hate matinees (Pens at Bolts)

Unless you are actually attending an aternoon hockey game -- or a midday game that pops onto the schedule with thanks to one holiday or another -- I believe the concept of these matinee hockey games reeks. They are beautiful for the fans who attend, methinks, especially on a Saturday afternoon during the season...

But a Five PM start time in Tampa on a Sunday? WHat gives? Trying to beat the Oscar rush?

André Roy reminded the Lightning faithful why he doesn't get more minutes of ice time at the end of the Bruins debacle the other night... And his three-game suspension is more proof of it. Jay Feaster called up RW Kyle Wanvig (who was acquired earlier this season from Atlanta) to take ROy's place ont eh roster.

Is this a game where the Bolts get there groove back or do they get put in their place by the hottest team in hockey?