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I just realized something…

…Carolina vs. Tampa Bay is not the only hockey game tonight 😛

Seriously, I’ve focused squarely on the Lightning for a matter of weeks now because of how chaotic things have been with the league since the new CBA was ratified.

The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, makes his coaching debut with the Phoenix Coyotes as they square off with the Canucks . Wayne and the Coyotes have had an abysmal pre-season… But as I’ve said a lot lately: it don’t mean jack. It’s a very difficult time, as well, to be making your coaching debut in this league as the rules that were standards for a long time are now out the door.

After much hubaloo during 2003-04 season, during the lockout and leading up to the draft, Sidney Crosby finally graces the National Hockey League tonight as the Penguins take on the Devils in the Swamps of Jersey. Speaking of the Next One, everyone’s favorite neurotic and birlliant blogger, Jes Golbez, has started his own Crosby Blog. Go there to see more on Sidney’s baptism into the NHL.

Our Pass The Friggin’ Torch brethren, the Calgary Flames, open in St. Paul tonight vs. the Wild. Talk about disrespecting the C of Red…

My god, it feels like years since we had all these NHL quality games on the schedule and…

Oh wait, it has been, never mind… 🙁

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