Icefest/New Uniform open thread

We're about a half hour before the grand unveiling of the new logo and uniform for the Lightning. I'm not in attendance at Times Palace but will do what I can to keep everyone informed as things progress.

Meanwhile, giving more credence to the alleged new digs, Chris and his NHL Tournament of Logos has a New Era ballcap with two of the allegedly new Lightning crests.

Update: For the observant, the Lightning have failed to do much updating or allusion to the new logo on their web site. Of course, the Lightning's web site has been consistent in horridness over the years, so it shouldn't be too surprising... Still, this is a major buzzworthy event and the lack of trying to churn that buzz a little more makes one wonder how committed the Lightning are to marketing this thing (the jersey/logo).

Update #2: Erik over at the Tribune has a large large LARGE version of the new logo posted on his blog. (Hat tip to Chad who posted this on Sun Sports). You'll need to scroll down an extral long way to get to the image.

UPDATE #3: And here we are with the dark jersey from

I'd like to add the Lightning finally updated their web site. The jersey above is posted as a splash screen when you venture to

UPDATE #4: And now you can see both white and black sweaters. Images of the players in uniform will likely be posted later but I'm getting away from the PC. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Also note the poll here at Boltsmag has been updated for opinions on the new sweater:


UPDATE #5: Let me let Chris at the Tournament of Logos be known to have been at Times Palace and his report on the new Uniforms.

Chris has also (in comments) given us a link to a YouTube video of the unveiling. I must say that seeing the jersey's actually be worn seems more appealing than when they are simply shown in 2D.