Ill in the Isle, still

So Ruslan Fedotenko found a home -- on Long Island -- signing a $2.9 million dollar contract with the Isles.

Say what?

Ruslan Fedotenko has talent, I will not argue that, and can be a great addition. But coming off such a weak effort last season (effort being the key word) which seemed to be derived from not getting a substantial payout from the Lightning the previous off season, do you hand a player like this almost 3 Million for mediocrity??

Well, this is the Isles, I don't expect much better...

This is the third loss via free agency for the Bolts. While I have the fondest wishes for Cory Sarich in Calgary where I hope he blossoms... While I am confused about the Perrin situation but which him well (Tortorella had a fond farewell for Eric after all) ... While Fedotenko's forthcoming departure was obvious at the end of last season, it still boggles my mind that How can you justify nearly 3 million dollars for 32 points of production last season? How can you justify that for a player that has degraded from a potential top line winger into a 3rd line checker at best?

Maybe circumstances and the new system will help Rusty? Maybe he needed to feel appreciated in the wallet to actually feel appreciated on the ice? No matter what, good luck to you Fedotenko. And, oh, Garth Snow and Mike Millbury? You sure know how to waste Charles Wang's money and keep the Islanders from being competitive.

The Lined Up Update has been edited to reflect this and the Lukowich signing.