I'm not saying anything

There are so many stories I could cover, or about media stories I disagree with or criticism of writing by parties or what not. Been there, done that. Will come back to it when I need it.

Right now I am not saying anything because this entire series is in the Lightning's hands and I'm not sure what to expect.

For those who are optimistic, I ask you to simply throw away what you've seen the Lightning do against the Devils in 2006-07 and remember -- this is the second season. All records start at 0 and the regular season and what happened then means jack at this point.

For the pessimists out there who want to complain that if the Lightning had gotten this, that and the other thing; if they'd won this game or that game, if they'd played better than shootout hockey, etc... That all amounts to woulda', coulda'and shoulda'. Empty requests and empty rhetoric. It didn't happen. Move on. This is Lightning vs. Devils now and not "Tampa Bay Lightning -- what I didn't like is what is going to guide this team now."

Second season. Second chances. This is Rusty Fedotenko's chance to prove he's worth big money in his looming free agency. This is Vaclav Prospal's second chance to bring electricity to the ice when he scores instead of bringing lead. This is Ryan Craig's second chance to show his influence on ice is not just standing stone in front of the opposing goal...

Second chances are powerful things. You gotta make the most of them. With how Tampa Bay closed out the season, it's important they make the most of this opportunity.

Start from zero and work your way up to the caliber you are capable. If anyone needs a reminder of what this team is capable of, I only ask you to take a little trip to the St. Pete Times Forum and take a gander up at the rafters.