Is it just me or is there a draft?

I'll likely be around for the Draft this evening but I wanted to make sure to make mention of James Mirtle -- the bread and butter of hockey reporting online, IMHO -- live blogging. The Blog is supposed to be featured on the Glove and Mail sports page. You can jump directly to James G and M blog posts right here.

You have to give props to the late-afternoon draft this year. It may be tough on your patience to wait for the draft to begin in Vancouver, but it certainly turns up the hot stove by at least 10 degrees.

And the Lightning play a dominant role the rumors that are raging on the pre-draft hot stove. There are reports the Bolts are after Evgeny Nabakov from San Jose, or perhaps Marc Denis from Columbus... There's also a chance J.S. Giguere could be heading this way but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

I'll try to report more as the draft progresses.