It's called negotiations, Stupid!

I remain with hardware problems on my personal compute so I am not able to make the posts I would like.... or WHEN I would like them....

While I found the NHLPA's offer a starting point in negotiations, I find their reaction to the owner's counter-offer the real reason why we all should throw up our hands in disgust. Let's read one of Robert Goodenow's quotes (out of context of course -- as the NHLPA has claimed all quotes have been taken out of context  ):

In short, the league took what they liked from our proposal, made major changes and slapped a salary cap on top of it... Put simply, our proposal provides the basis for a negotiated agreement. The NHL's does not.Robert, you are completely full of shit, you know that?

You ran like a spoiled little girl to the media after the owners gave you a counter-proposal. You ran like a spoiled little girl to the media who have been giving you all the attention, love, nurturing and sexual favors you could desire (how is the oral gratification, Larry Brooks?) instead of bargaining in good faith.

For those who say the owner's offer sucked -- at least the owners spent a weekend reviewing the players offer before they came back and rejected it, and at least they bargained in their counter proposal. The NHLPA has yet to Collectively Bargain with owners instead of making demands.

One can make the case that players made the last offer to owners... Well, unless you forgot, that was the 3rd offer in a 18 month span while Owners had made several offers over that span -- at least twice as many -- and the players flat out rejected them and dragged their feet into this impasse.

It's called negotiations, stupid... Instead of pissing and crying like the spoiled little girl you are acting like, Robert Goodenow, maybe you could do your players a service and find a common ground on some of those issues and then send back a counter proposal instead of a flat-out-rejection of anything that involves the word "Salary Cap."