It's getting drafty in here

Things will be weird over the course of the several days.  There is the typical buildup to the NHL Draft (the evidence is already apparent with our Mock Draft selection), and the fact we need to give you some information on who is available...  But there are interesting wrinkles that must be pointed out too.

Firstly, we'll be short staffed in the coming days.  It's mid-summer and of course people are going away for various functions from time to time (weddings, vacations, etc).  Draft weekend is no exception, so if we're not as snappy and quick-acting as we have been in the past...  Well, please excuse our lateness.  Life is calling.

The other big quirk is the fact Raw Charge will have a presence at the NHL Draft in Los Angeles next Friday.  While I've always wanted to attend a draft function, I'm pretty unsure what to expect (or what I'm going to be able to report) from this.  I've been to LA plenty before, so the glitz, glamor, and traffic aren't going to distract me.  It's the actual function (the NHL Draft) that's got me at a loss.

We'll certainly have an open thread / live blog on draft night...  stay tuned, it's gonna be an interesting couple of days.