It's just too damn quiet

OK, they've got me caught in the entire labor mess again.

After a few weeks of cynical and more cynical takes on labor negotiations, with all hype that has been surrounding talks the last few days I have been hoping to hear something big in the media, something huge - something that will fall silent unless you are a hockey fan....

"The National Hockey League and the Players Association have come to terms on a new Collective Bargaining agreement. The Contract still must be ratified by players and...."

The agreement -- I'm almost expecting it now... Expecting it while I should be expecting some type of huge letdown once again.

There hasn't been much in the media - I've been surfing over to TSN and Sportsnet the last two days just to see if something, anything, was there... I might end up cruising message boards in hope to hear something from sports radio and local media in Canada. I could run to Eklund and his bullshit-blog-of-falsehoods-and-lies that some call "hockey rumors" and feed my craving of hearing something - anything - about discussions but why worship at false temples?

It reminds me of Return of the King where Gandalf and Pippen are out on the terrace, looking out at Mordor:

Pippen states. "It's so quiet..."

Gandalf answers, "It's the deep breath before the plunge. "

Is this silence the last gasp of the war? Or the deep breath before fighting between the PA and it's members errupts over the new CBA that the PA agrees to?