It’s the Lightning bye week: How are you making time go by?

So much time... so much to do?

Today marks the start of six. whole. days without any Tampa Bay Lightning hockey. The NHL bye week was born from the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement so players get some R&R in the middle of the season, which seems extra nice this season because some players participated in both the World Cup and All-Star weekend.

But just because the Lightning are checked out week doesn’t mean we here are Raw Charge will be! We have great content scheduled all week long, including the Olympics, the Lightning’s priorities as the trade deadline approaches, the awesomeness that is Brayden Point, coverage about the Syracuse Crush and more. And there’s always our 91 Days of Stamkos series.

Six nights off without any Lightning hockey is a long time. So how will you be spending that time? Will you be watching other games without having to switch over to the Lightning? Will you be finally finishing that book you borrowed from the library that you’ve kept renewing... and renewing... (guilty)? Will you be freely meeting up with friends because you don’t have to plan your nights around hockey?

We want to hear about how you plan on making use of this bye week. Let us know in the comments below!