Jes covers the Bolts better than I do

"Looks like Jay Feaster got reamed on this one, folks."Give it up to Jes Golbez at Hockey Rants for stating a lot of things in his most recent post that I was too much of a coward to address during the "Vinny isn't signed! OHmygodwhattodo!" crying from Lightning fans (and Montreal fans for that matter) over the last few weeks.

I've said in the past, after being told Lecavalier was the best player in franchise history, that he wasn't even the best player currently on the team. He's the franchise player because of what we have labeled him since his drafting. All the while the true performer -- his former line-mate at Rimouski and Notre Dame, Brad Richards -- gets overlooked and undermined.

Maybe it's a bit of ego - not wanting to see Montreal get their way as Habs fans poke and prod and declare what Vincent wants without Vincent actually saying it. Maybe it was just bad writing on my part - gutless writing to go against the flow and say "Hey Jay, be responsible..."

Unfortunately, Jay Feaster is more inclined to continue his tenure as "not the General Manager that let Vinny Lecavalier get away" all while setting himself up for being the GM that let Brad Richards get away. (Or Martin St. Louis, or Pavel Kubina, or Ruslan Fedotenko, etc).

I guess the crux to the situation is Vincent's age. One may argue he is going to get better with time - he's just starting to break through.... But when his numbers have been inconsistent in his career and his attitude has been troublesome at times... You have to wonder if it will come up again on ice? Will he and John Tortorella clash again because of styles that Vinny picked up while playing in Russia? Will they clash again over some unseen aspect in the new NHL? And what happens when that occurs? What happens if Vinny pouts if he is not handed the C after Dave Andreychuk finally retires?