That's the only phrase that explains this -- junk. Simply garbage. Completely, despicable junk drawn up by desperate fans (with no offense intended to Ryan at HabsBlog ).

Now, seeing I would prefer Boltsmag readership not to click on the above link... I'll post an excerpt of the latest desperation pleas... er, I mean Trade Rumors coming out of Montreal:

It was just on CBC Radio One 640 AM here in Bonavista Newfoundland that apperently home town star Michael Ryder along with fellow Montreal Canadiens' prospect Ron Hainsey and a 2006 3rd round draft pick has been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for Tampa Bay Centerman Brad Richards. They noted that the trade will be formally announced on Monday August 29th when Bob Gainey will speak with the media. Richards is regarded by Jay Feaster as a piece as big as Vinny and Marty... Suddenly he becomes expendable because of reports out of Newfoundland? Please.

The report goes on to say that Ryder's brother had confirmed the trade as it were to be announced and la-de-da... While I report that I'm skeptical we're going to hear jack on Monday with regards to Richards being moved... just like we didn't hear jack on all those "imminent trade" rumors regarding Vincent Lecavalier before he was signed...

I like mild speculation at times in trades... But when the utterly ridiculous becomes the rule and the law of the land - rumor talk just becomes made up speculation by fans and by radio hosts alike.

EDIT: For those finding reference to this post on Hockeys Future -- do yourself a favor and read the comments on this post to see a thorough debunking of the rumor