Just who's trashing who?

Philadelphia fans are a strange sort.... Here's a conversation tonight that I had with someone who needed to vent...
Philly Fan: That will shut your mouth up!Me: Excuse me?

PF: You Tampa Bay fans keep talkin' shit, and now we spanked your ass.. how does dat feel?

Me: Um, talking shit?

PF: That's wat I said.

Me: let me get this straight - I've never talked to you before until you sent me an IM message a few minutes ago. I've never "talked shit" about your Flyers or Eagles to you before either and you're telling me that I'm going to shut up my shit talking now that the Lightning lost?

PF: wut?

Me: Exactly. If you had paid attention to yourself - starting conversations with absolute strangers, bashing their teams, is what ammounts to shit talking. You're doing it. It's a classy act.
Suffice it to say, the conversation went downhill from there... And of course I am not lumping every Philadelphia Flyers fan in with this mentally challenged person who decided to use me to get back at all of Tampa Bay or whatever... but still, it's funny that I am told that TB Fans talk shit when it's Philly fans like this that give Philly the reputation that it has.