Kaberle deadline weekend

With the hockey sports world centered in Toronto, everyone and their uncle (at least those who are not fixated on other sports or enjoying their summer) are speculating about what will happen regarding D Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle has window in his No Trade Clause that closes at midnight tonight midnight Sunday, and Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has made it no secret that he is shopping the 32 year old veteran.

Kaberle is a puck-moving defenseman, which is makes him someone that should fit in Guy Boucher's system.

Damian Cristordero at the Times stoked the fires of the Kaberle and TB yesterday. Ryan Malone was the key player mentioned in that story.

Some of our own members have been calling for a deal since the Gagne acquisition... That being said, I'm putting up a poll to gauge fan interest in a Lightning acquisition of Kaberle.

[Note by John Fontana, 08/14/10 1:19 PM EDT ] Got the timing wrong on the close to the Kaberle NTC window.  Thanks to Mike Gallimore for correcting me.

[Note by John Fontana, 08/15/10 10:03 PM EDT ] Maybe the biggest revelation in chatter about the Kaberle trade talk is not a Kaberle matter directly.  It's the reports via Twitter that LW Ryan Malone has a No Trade / No Movement clause in his contracft.  This stipulation had not been public knowledge until tonight.

Should the Lightning acquire D Tomas Kaberle? At what cost?

Yes! Whatever it takes!87
Yes, but only if the costs are low / expendable bit players78
Who is Tomas Kaberle? When are the Lightning bringing back Enrico Ciccone?!10