Kane(s) and (un)Abel

Interesting little anecdote from tonight's Devil Rays/Boston Red Sox game:

Scott Kazmir dominated in a way no one could have expected tonight -- oh, except his fans and anyone who has seen Scott Kazmir pitch. He notched 10 K's and that set off an announcement on TV that you could sign up on Kanesstrikeout.com and get a free Papa John's pizza.

The site was immediately inundated and basically shut down due to heavy server load. After 3 or so tries, the site came back up very slowly with a long load time. Those who DID sign up were told the Rays did NOT get 10 strikeouts today and blah-blah-blah. If you refreshed the form page and tried again, you would be told that you had already printed out a coupon today and could print out no more.

I don't hold this against the Devil Rays marketing staff as-so-much Kane's Furniture, who's own marketing staff was sponsoring this campaign and running the web site. It wasn't prepared for this and not set up to handle things either.