Knee-jerk and jerk-jerk

My frustration from last night (and recently) is chronicled. We'll leave it at that. I'm not a sell out though. I'm a Lightning fan. I've endured the Lightning through expansion mediocrity, to first-time-playoff mediocrity, to sub-abysmal status during the late 1990's... I've seen the lows, I've blogged the highs. Accepting the 2007-08 team as a bitter pill to swallow isn't something I am proud of, yet it's something that has to be done.

The being said, this is just pathetic:

…If you’re like me you probably have no desire to see this mess of a team in person anymore. I’m headed back home for New Years and I was planning to go to a Lightning game and catch the Bucs finale. Now? Neither. And if you are a season-ticket holder, my condolences. Sell your tickets if you can, but I would stop going all together if I were you.

…I’ve had it with this team. They are getting what they deserve - and that’s being among the worst teams in the NHL. Who’s to blame? Everyone but the fans, as far as I can tell. The players appear to be quitting on the coach. The coach can’t get even halfway decent productivity with the players he’s got. The GM is responsible for this roster that has his coach so hamstrung, but his hands are tied by lame-duck, apathetic ownership. Wheee!

Everybody but the fans until the fans make declarations like this. The post is titled "Stop going to games, stop showing up"...

You can agree about Torts (and it's a renown fact the hockey world doesn't seem to care for John Tortorella's style), and know the Jay Feaster situation is a truism... Ownership isn't so much apathetic (this charge always comes out when a team doesn't spend the cap on players - be they garbage or good) as dealing with a business transaction that has frozen what it can pay for the on-ice product. Yeah, it's a shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite...

But taking your ball and going home?

There's a name for someone who throws his/her hands up in disgust when his or her team lose or go through a rough patch. Bandwagon Fan. Yeah, there are plenty of reasons to be disgusted with the Lightning. Yes, the ownership-in-limbo status doesn't give much hope for the future or the current. That being said, do you put the team you hold dear to your heart in a bind by trying to syndicate apathy to the rest of the fanbase, inspired by your own despair? Have the Lightning fans, those enveloped in their disgust, forgotten about the poor times this team has gone through in the past that we suffered and triumphed through? Or have we just grown so soft that we're going to throw a fit and walk away in a knee-jerk reaction because the team isn't playing like it's 2004 again?

That was four year ago. Get over it.

October 5th, 2005 was when you were supposed to stop living on the coattails of a championship (I told you as much on opening night that year). The bad times go with the good times -- it's what endears us to our pro sport teams. We may not like them, but that's what engraves our teams into our souls.

And for the record, anyone who wants to give up on this team and dump off their tickets -- I'll take them, and I'm sure there are plenty of others who would too.