Lack of Content

My apologies to regular readers right now. Things are just... Man... Being a few hundred miles from the death and destruction that New Orleans and Biloxi is just quite sobering and my focus has not been on hockey or the team or the NHL for that matter.

After last year when Florida had to face 4 storms, it can be looked at as we got by unscathed compared to what NOLA is dealing with at the moment... Yet there were such moments (with Hurricane's Charley and Ivan) where it looked like Tampa Bay would be faced with this "Worst Case Scenario" ordeal with a major storm coming in head on...

Two things I want to post... First, thanks to Tommy Duncan from Sticks of Fire for giving me a heads up on a Lightning related article from the Winnipeg Sun... The Sun article talks about the fondness form of flattery that NHL teams are employing: Imitation of the Lightning system.

The other link I want to post is to where everyone -- bloggers, readers, general human beings -- can contribute during this crisis in the south. Please donate to The American Red Cross. As I write this - the total and complete evacuation of New Orleans survivors has been ordered by the governor of Louisiana. It doesn't get much grimmer than that.