Lack of Updates

Hi folks --

I've been on the west coast the last couple of days. Seeign there hasn't been a breakthrough with the NHL and the Players association, i haven't missed much on reporting on the site. However I did miss a bit.

Lets go to the most relevant and pressing info that I can give you about the Tampa Bay Lightning.... It's not about the Lightning at all. It's about the Springfield Falcons. It would appear that the roster is set as the AHL season is about to commence.

The other bit of news I am aware of is that our friends at Sunshine Network have struck a deal with the CBC to air games from rounnnd's 3 and 4 (Conference finals and Cup finals)!

Personally I'm still waiting for movement in this CBA bullshit... knowing games from round 3 and 4 will be aired is just bittersweet.