Les Habs? La parte. Lightning down Canadiens in Game 2

If game one serves as a template for game two, what the Quebec media will publish tomorrow will say that the Habs outplayed the LIghtning and the LIghtning still won. Another distortion of just how the game was played

The Bolts came out in the 1st period and it was amateur hour. The Habs looked like they didn't even belong on the same ice as the Lightning as the Bolts went up 2-0 rather quickly. Was it a case of nerves? Maybe Was it the gameplan to be aggressive like the Islanders in their game two victory? Perchance. Whatever the reason, the Lightning still dominated play for all of 5 minutes in the first period. Saku Koivu scored on a power play (outworking for the goal) to make the score 2-1.

The 2nd period is where the Quebe media willesee the entire game. The Habs defense was spectacular, keeping the Lightning from making many opportunities, while both teams went back and forth over and over again. The only problem with the 2nd periodd was that, it seemed, eveyone on Les Habs knew there wasn't much time left and stopped playing all out. Vincent Lecavalier capitalized on that mistake and the score went to 3-1

The third period returned to the Lightning's favor but the solid defense held up... Solid two way play on both sides and a running brooding from both teams.

The Lightning head to Quebec to play in one of Hockey's most hollowed cities for games 3 and 4... Unlike all their previous visits, this will be in the playoffs.

...Which will lead to reports from the Quebec media that the Lightning haven't played in Montreal before. Just you wait... :rolleyes