Lightning and the "Be the Ticket" campaign

It would seem the Lightning are not going to stand for simply going "All In" with regard to the team and the experience at Times Palace. No, they want fans even more "In" than before..

How involved? Early this evening on Facebook, the Bolts unveiled the "Be the Ticket campaign which is being run through the SocialThuzi app on the platform. Basically, the team is looking for photos of decked-out fans to be placed upon game tickets for the 2011-12 season:

Upload a photo of 1-2 fans in Tampa Bay Lightning apparel and your photo may be selected to be on a game ticket during the 2011-12 NHL regular season

The page notes the need for uploaded photos to be in gif or jpg format, and contain only 1 or 2 fans. No group shots. No mobile phone uploads either. See the page for more details.

While it's a great idea and a way to get the base of fans riled up about the Lightning during the downtime of the summer, the drawback is an App on Facebook that wants permission to send you emails and to post content on your Facebook wall. If you have paranoia about Apps taking over your Facebook profile, that might stop you from submitting to this contest. But beyond that, how cool would it be to appear on a game day ticket to a Lightning game??