Lightning GM Steve Yzerman gives an update on the 2015 trade deadline market [with audio]

Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman was on talk radio this morning, discussing the 2015 NHL trade deadline. I did not catch this but Tampa Bay Times reporter Joe Smith recounted the appearence on Twitter:

It's a seller's market is what the at this point in time, and that's stifling things a bit throughout the league. You've seen three trades, and two were of note in the NHL (the Evander Kane/Tyler Myers deal, and the Cody Franson trade; the third was the Carter Ashton and David Broll pick-ups by the Lightning).

While Yzerman is being vague, he is still talking about costs (a 1st round draft pick is the asking price, among other things) and that's likely to come down with the deadline approaching as sellers looking to get something - anything - for assets they may be about to lose to free agency. Yzerman would still rather have an acquisition that plays long-term in Tampa, and that keeps the asking price high in some instances (young asset, greater cost).

One other aspect of note this morning is the invocation of Radko Gudas, who has been out since early January after undergoing knee sugery. Gudas window of return does not open until May - well into the 2015 playoffs - and may not return at until next season (time for return 4-6 months). Another name that may have been invoked on the radio broadcast was Matthew Carle. Carle has been out since just after Gudas left the lineup. Carle's window for return opens next week (March 3rd) and could return between then and mid/late March.

Gudas and Carle represent additions to the blue line that come with no extra cost besides roster space. The trade market is depth on defense... or an upgrade if the price si right.

EDIT: You can find the audio of Yzerman on air here -