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Lightning history and site archives

From the back of the Closet: Tampa Bay Lightning Coaster Set

How do you celebrate making the playoffs? By keeping water rings off of your coffee table.

A Lightning-based look at 2016-17 Upper Deck Series One

How are the Bolts represented in Upper Deck’s flagship product?

From the back of the Closet: A 93-94 game program

A closer look at what fans paged through during intermission at the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Thunderdome.

One and Done: Jim Campbell

The former St. Louis player made his appearance for a post-lock-out Lightning

A brief goaltending history and where Ben Bishop has made his mark

A look into what Bishop means to the organization and how he represents the Bolts transition from 40-point seasons to Stanley Cup contenders.

One and Done - Riku Helenius

A one-time super prospect manages only 7 minutes in a Lightning uniform.

Meeting or raising the TB playoff berth bar

A drought to end, a streak to continue, and the number 10 to be met or raised in 2016/17.

Eight years later, stay or go?

So few days remain until the start of the 2016 NHL free agent period. It's a ramble type of blog post that reflects and glimpses forward at the challenge ahead.

9 things we learn about the Lightning on 'All Access: Quest for the Stanley Cup'

Watch premiere of Showtime series that takes viewers inside the two conference finals.

The playoffs and injuries to Ben Bishop

Statistically impressive, the goalie's been both felled by and worked through injuries twice before.

Not many in media picking Lightning over Penguins

Eastern Conference Final narrative has excessively praised Penguins for depth and star power.

A glimpse back at the Bolts and the NHL Awards

With the lull between playoff rounds, we look back on some of the Bolt's NHL Award recipients.

Jeff Vinik appreciation station

Some organizations claim to be World Class but don't live up to it. Jeff Vinik and the Lightning are World Class and more.

Steven Stamkos, John Tavares linked since childhood

The two captains have played hockey since they were young.

Lightning's Best Ever Late Round Draft Pick?

Ondrej Palat certainly gets a lot of attention on the Lightning now. But his career is still young and he has a lot left to do to over take the player this writer thinks was the best late round draft pick by the Lightning.

Marty's in town for the Frozen Four

A franchise great returns home.

Some quick notes as the playoffs approach

History, feats, benchmarks and such...

An open letter to Jonathan Drouin

We've never met, I'm just rambling, but as a fan I wanted to address some thing in as direct a capacity as I'm capable.

Fun with NHL jersey numbers

Sweater numbers for individual players have a lot of stories, but how does the competition level stack up when you compare NHL players sharing the same number?

Blog anniversary and the Deke the Deuce campaign

As a long time blogging voice, I turn off hockey a bit to mark the occasion.

Bolts versus Cats preview

Florida's vying for their 5th ever playoff berth while the Lightning look to hold on to a playoff spot in a tight divisional race.

Where did they go? The 2004 Stanley Cup winners

On a lighter note from everything else going on, a look at the past to the 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning that won the Stanley Cup and who's still active and where they ended up.

A top Bolts draft pick doesn't like the AHL? It's been done.

Issues came up in 1997-98 with the Bolts #5 overall draft pick from 1995, though circumstances with the club were profoundly different at the time.

The NHL playoffs and an anniversary

Tampa Bay's first playoff appearance happened 20 years ago.

Where's the proof of the conflict?

It's repeated by the top-level media of hockey that a conflict exists between the head coach and the team captain. Where's the substance that confirms it?

Checking in on the 2010 draft class

Last week, we took a look at where the 2014 Draft Class was... now let's go a little further back and look at the 2010 draft class.

Featured Fanshot

The 25th anniversary of Tampa Bay landing the NHL

It's not exactly the birthday of the Tampa Bay Lightning but it's sure as heck close. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the awarding of the Tampa Bay area with an NHL franchise. The date the franchise name was unveiled and uniforms and all of that was later on... The work of Phil Esposito to get a team here started earlier too... The process of becoming, as I like to say, started I-don't-know when. But today is the day he gained what he was going after. Today what we know and love was accepted as part of the NHL going forward. Happy birthday, Tampa Bay Lightning.

Where are they now?

Players come and go. It's the nature of the business. Some are popular while they're here... Some... Not so much. But no matter their popularity, there's always someone that was a fan. So where are they now?

The Dan Boyle Effect

Dan Boyle was a tremendous offensive defenseman for the Lightning during their run to the 2004 Stanley Cup. He'll forever be remembered fondly in Tampa, but his impact has gone on past his playing days.

Dave Andreychuk: Patience and Consistency

Former Lightning captain had to toil 21 years for a Stanley Cup. Here's a summary of his career.

Featured Fanshot

Quite 'appy to see Affy

Nice to see Lightning alumni Dmitry Afanasenkov in town. Afanasenkov was Lightning property from his draft year in 1998 until he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers in 2006-07. He only played 41 more games at the NHL level and then went to Russia to play in the KHL thorugh 2013-14.

The Wall may fall tonight versus Dallas

Can Bishop secure win number 84 tonight against Dallas?