Lightning overcome the hostilities to take commanding 3-0 Semi's Lead

What the hell was this supposed to be? A hockey game or a assassination attempt? If this is supposed to symbolize "la mystique de Les Habs" - it shows that Habs history is rather pathetic and current teams in Montreal are desperate to live up to the past glory of the Canadiens.

This comments after a brutal first period where no team had a clear upper hand -- unless you count the crowd that was solidly behind the Canadiens through their thuggery. It's a shame that the citizens of Quebec accept this as the current incarnation of the storied Canadiens...

Vincent Lecavalier -- the MVP of the series -- scored with seconds left in the 3rd period to send the game into overtime and then Brad Richards gets help from Jose Theodore in overtime to win in Montreal's Bell Center and silence the hostilities of the local fans. The Lightning win 4-3 and take a commanding 3-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals with Game Four scheduled for Thursday in Montreal.

Fisticuffs and thuggery reigned in the first period as shoving matches and scuffles dominated play. It was "Fun" (sarcasm oozing) to watch Eric Perrin standing in front of Jose Theodore before being ganged up on by the Canadiens... Andre Roy skated to his defense and was met with 3 of Les Habs, while Perrin was put into a headlock and then thrown to the ice and pinned against the boards for an unknown duration of time (thanks to commercial interruption in the local telecast).

Richards can be anointed the hero of this game -- scoring twice -- but Lecavalier is the savior of the game