Lightning Round: Deadpool interested in Senators

Might wanna delete this photo there, Hal Jordan

“According to People Magazine” is not something I expected to say on a hockey blog, but here it goes. According to People Magazine, Deadpool star, Deadpool —  I mean Ryan Reynolds — is “very interested” in buying the Ottawa Senators, who are rumored to be coming up for sale after the death of their owner, Eugene Melnyk.

Ryan, of course, gave a bit of a tease on Twitter.

And of course the fans did their part!

The Senators were recently valued at $655 million via Sportico, which isn’t a lot by North American sports standards, but a healthy number considering the shaky finances it was living under for a long time through Eugene Melnyk.

Meanwhile, Blake Lively’s husband is from Vancouver, BC, so owning a team in Ottawa, ON is going to be quite funny when the Canucks come to town. According to a quick google search it doesn’t appear Reynolds has the wealth to own the whole team, but it’s possible he takes some stake in the company. I could be completely wrong, rich people money works differently to us normies, apparently.

It was a quiet night in the NHL with only two games on and not much drama. The Leafs beat the Flyers 5-2, with John Tavares scoring a hat trick. The Sabres also beat the Penguins 6-3, with Thompson and Olofsson both getting two points. Here’s your highlight of the night, Tavares’ second goal where he undressed Travis Sanheim without even touching him.