Lightning Round: The Lightning are hiring

Lightning Round: The Lightning are hiring
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash

The Tampa Bay Lightning are among five teams looking to hire a Social Media Manager for the NHL club. You can see the job postings below. If you have the qualifications, give it a try!

Victor Hedman needs your support for his chosen charity, National Alliance on Mental Illness. Check out the link below.

Ron Hainsey has  been promoted to Assistant Executive Director of the NHLPA union. He's come a long way since his retirement from the league and has been a staunch supporter of Marty Walsh.

Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation has officially joined the bid with the Neko Sparks Group to own the Ottawa Senators.

Unfortunately, things aren't going well on the other side of the hockey world. The Arizona Coyotes lost their bid to build a new home in Tempe (paid for by the people of Tempe). Now the Coyotes are going back to college with the future completely uncertain. Ownership is still shocked by the vote and is putting on a brave face, but even the most ardent fans (Craig Morgan excluded) know the Coyotes are done in Arizona.

Clayton Keller knows it, too. Or at least his dad does. This is going to get messy.

Unless the Coyotes are being sold, I don't exactly know what Kevin means. In their case, cities don't want them around and the guy owning them is basically running an insurance fraud. I see nothing about this situation that is robust. Atlanta is back on the map, but the north side this time.

Patrick Roy is back in the news. CBJ also tried to get a hold of Mike Babcock but he said no.

This is a cool story about Matthew Tkachuk and Jayson Tatum being high school buddies.

Matvei Michkov isn't going to the Draft Combine, which might place him perfectly in the reaches of the Washington Capitals as they're looking at the "buy low" draft prospect who had all the hype in the world when he was 15.

Matvei Michkov comments on the possibility of being drafted by the Capitals
The Washington Capitals will be on the clock with the eighth pick in a little more than a month. That draft spot has produced many All-Stars and it’s possible that Russian phenom Matvei Michkov could be the next one. Michkov…