Lukowich back in the fold

Brad Lukowich was signed to a 3 year, 4.7 million dollar contract with the Bolts.

While this isn't the sexiest signing in the world or the biggest name commodity that could be brought in -- it's stability and it's management confidence in a high character player that matches Brad with the Lightning once again.

BUt here's an interesting thought on the signing -- what if it's waving the white flag on Dan Boyle being re-signed by the Bolts? I'm not suggesting Lukowich - who has played in the top four in Tampa in the past - is a top pair D-man, but with Filip Kuba, Shane O'Brien and Paul Ranger already on the roster - and Lukowich thought highly of by the Lightning, does this afford the team an insurance policy if Matt Smaby, Andy Rogers and the like don't crack and stick to the NHL roster and earn a full time place with the team either this season or next? As of right now Brad is a #5 D-man on the roster, if not #4 while Ranger or O'Brien get displaced in lower pairings for the time being.

I'm not saying that anyone should look at Brad Lukowich being added to the Bolts as Jay Feaster annoiting him a top-four again, nor should this signing be looke dat as such... but with Feaster's MO of bringing in players that won't rock the boat with lockeroom chemistry (Michel Oulett is Brad Richards former line mate in junior hockey for instance), he also has a tendance to aim high with signings of players -- and has a habit of them producing better than they were projected.