Lyle on Bruce on Brad

Lyle's outdone himself... Or should I say Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun has outdone himself and Lyle at Spectors has simply called a spade a spade in simplicity and eloquence?

Bruce will get us started here -- rumor-mongering about the future of Brad Richards in Tampa Bay, as summarized by Lyle:

Bruce Garrioch reports league sources claiming Tampa Bay Lightning GM Jay Feaster might be willing to shop Brad Richards and his $7.8 million per season contract to Chicago, Philadelphia or Phoenix in hopes of landing one of the top three picks in this year's draft. Garrioch claims Richards might be expendable after the Bolts acquired centre Chris Gratton last week from Florida, and this move would be done to clear up cap space to land a quality goaltender

Now, after a grand debunking of the rumor -- Lyle leaves us with the comment that was so profoundly true that I consider it an absolute gem:

nd considering Richards "expendable" because of the acquisition of Chris Gratton is laughable.

This is the literal truth to the matter... At least for me. When I read the original summary -- I broke out laughing after reading why Richards had become expendable. Chris Gratton's acquisition leads to shoving Brad out the door? That's about as likely as the Beatles getting back together. Chris Gratton replacing Tim Taylor is logical and makes sense long term. Chris Gratton spending time on wing on the top two lines if someone else fills the role of 3rd line center better than him makes a degree of sense as well. Gratton being Tampa Bay's #2 center....? Excuse me, I'm going back to fits of giggles over this one...

Thanks for the laugh, Bruce! And thanks, Lyle, for confirming my right to laughter.