Mad Libbing a matinee; Tampa Bay Lightning at Boston Bruins preview

It's a big game against a divisional opponent that the Lightning has struggled against. Only problem is, it's also at 1 PM this afternoon. Do me a favor and write the preview yourself.

Where:  TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
When: 1 PM EST | Tickets: Check availability
Media: Sun Sports (cable)
Opponent Coverage: Stanley Cup of Chowder, Days of Y'Orr

I am not a fan of matinees, even if it's in homage of today's federal holiday (huzzah America's veterans!  And thank you!)  It's a big game but it's played at such a time when I don't expect many fans to be able to enjoy it on TV or perhaps even listen to it on the radio.

You know, complications of daily obligations like work and school getting in the way.  But it's not like this won't affect fans in Boston too...  So you're not alone.

OK, so, instead of toiling all Sunday night at the keyboard to give you the most accurate preview I can give you leading in to this game, I'm actually going to leave it up to you to write this mother.

Introducing your first ever Raw Charge Tampa Bay Lightning game day Mad Libs preview! It's just like that game you may or may not have played when you were a kid in school - I'll give you a write up with some blanks that need to be filled in with a type of noun, verb, adjective or number! It's up to YOU to fill it in!

(For all the serious fans out there who expect seriousness and classiness / pretentiousness from me - yeah, I'm doing you a disservice.  Blame Boston's tradition for playing early on Veterans Day for this one.)

Ready?  Let's start!

The __(adjective)__ Tampa Bay Lightning __(verb)__ Boston this __(adjective)__ afternoon to __(verb)__ a game of ice hockey against the __(adjective)__ Bruins, their __(verb)__ rival in the __(possesive noun)__ Atlantic Division.

__(Lightning goalie)__ will start in net for the Lightning, __(verb)__ to extend the club's current __(number)__ winning streak (which may or may not be an __(adjective)__ sum, but it's close enough for government work on a federal holiday). He comes into this __ (adjective)__ game with a __(number)__ goals against average and a __(number in the thousandths)__ save percentage which has been __(adverb)__ incredible to behold.

Boston will be led onto the __(adjective)__ ice at TD Garden by __(ethnicity)__ goalie __(Bruins goalie)__ (who may or may not be from there). He has been __(adjective)__ for Boston this season with his __(number)__ GAA and __(number in the thousandths)__ save percentage.

__(Lightning team player)__ lead the Lightning with __(number)__ goals scored; he has been a __(occupation)__ for Tampa Bay when __(verb)__ the puck on opponents nets. Opposing goalies should be __(verb)__ to face such __(-ism)__ as that which __(aforementioned player)__ unleashes upon them.

The __(adjective)__ crowd at TD Garden will be eating __(food)__, considered a delicacy in Boston, and drinking __(liquid)__ while cheering for such Bruins stars as __(three bruins roster players)__ to fight, score and win for the __(adjective)__ B's. The __(adjective)__ question is, will the Bruins __(verb)__ the Bolts yet again and make these __(adjective)__ fans happy?

While we're at it, will __(adkectove)__ Lightning head coach Jon Cooper get the Bolts out of this __(adjective)__ funk in Boston and earn a win? Tampa Bay has not had a regular-season win in Boston since December 2009. The last time the club won in Boston was during the 2011 NHL Eastern Conference Finals.

This being the last game in Boston during the 2013-14 regular season, Tampa Bay needs to get with it if they want to get this __(animal)-off their back.

You're invited to leave your respones in comments but, uh, keep it clean guys and dolls...

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